Thrush Technologies - Laptop Repair & Service Center

Thrush Technologies started in 2000 serving more than 15+ years in IT industry with its excellent and cost effective repairs of IT products. We are one of the widely acclaimed laptop repair center in Bangalore and perhaps the chip levels Top-Ranked Resource for the Laptop and Desktop repair solutions in Karnataka.

LAPTOP SERVICE from Thrush Technologie in Electronic City, Bangalore

Servicing or repairing an laptop is not an easy task, only a highly skilled professional can take the best care for your laptop. Our technicians at Thrush Technologies are experienced and skilled enough to rectify any issues related to your laptops

Repair all models (of any make) of Laptops

We are only company who can repair all models (of any make) of Laptops of any problem including BGA replacements

Laptop & Laptop Parts, Laptop Battery, Adaptor, Keyboard, LaptopLCD Screen, Motherboard, Bags, Hinges, RAM Memory, HDD and every part of Laptops avail with us

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